How do you reach a generation?


Throughout his college years, a young evangelist named Nick Hall noticed Christians were silent about the Gospel, but loud about everything else. He knew something had to change, so he began to use his voice to break the silence. 

Nick Hall is Founder and President of Pulse and President and CEO of The Table Coalition. Hall is a North Dakota native who graduated from North Dakota State University and Bethel Seminary in 2011. Nick Hall was named Bethel Seminary Alumnus of the Year in 2016. 

Nick Hall became aware that his calling on earth was to tell the masses about Jesus. Being deeply impacted by evangelists such as Billy Graham and Luis Palau, Nick became increasingly passionate about sharing the Gospel, and so he founded Pulse in 2006. Nick Hall has shared the Gospel on stages across the world and other social media platforms as he speaks boldly about Jesus to the next generation. 

Pulse seeks to reach the lost and unleash the evangelist by making Jesus known through live events or livestreams, local revival gatherings, leadership development, and digital outreach events. Nick Hall has shared the Gospel with over 330 million people since Pulse was founded. Artists such as Kari Jobe, Rend Collective, Chris Tomlin, Jeremy Camp, and speakers such as Christine Caine, Francis Chan, and others tour with Nick and share the stage. Hundreds of thousands college students have heard the Gospel because of Nick Hall, Pulse campus tours, and national and global events.

To help you get to know Nick Hall and Pulse, we'll touch on several of the milestones over the years and explain how the ministry has grown and impacted the next generation.

Reaching the lost through evangelism

To train everyday believers to share their faith, evangelist Nick Hall and his team at Pulse have created the Make Jesus Known Training. The training consists of 4 sessions that challenge people to make evangelism a lifestyle. You can access this free training on the Pulse website. Through training people how to evangelize and make Jesus known, Nick Hall hopes to see an end to silent Christianity. 

Nick Hall is the author of Reset: Jesus Changes Everything where he continues to tell his story of becoming an evangelist and starting Pulse. In his book, Nick Hall shares the message that Jesus is the change people are looking for and that He offers a reset to anyone needing a fresh start. Josh McDowell and Luis Palau endorsed the book. Nick Hall is passionate about telling a lost generation that Jesus is the only One who can create real and lasting change in a world that seeks change everywhere else. 

In 2021, Nick Hall and his team began Pulse 100, a year-long program designed to equip and send out young evangelists. Every year, Nick Hall seeks out 100 passionate young leaders who are devoted to being evangelists in their spheres of influence. Pulse 100 participants attend 4 national retreats with Nick Hall and the Pulse team each year, where they hear from guest speakers, meet with mentors who partner with Pulse, and build a network with other young leaders from across the U.S who are on mission for Jesus. Pulse 100 members also have the opportunity to hear from mentors through monthly masterclasses. Pulse is looking ahead to their third cohort of young evangelists in fall of 2023 as Nick Hall continues this campaign. 

Nick Hall and Pulse hope that young people will be empowered and emboldened to bring the Gospel back to their college campuses, workplaces, families, and friends because of the training of Pulse 100. Using popular platforms like TikTok, many Pulse 100 members have hundreds of thousands to millions of followers and are using digital mediums to reach their followers with the Gospel, something Pulse encourages young people to do. The young leaders who have been involved in Pulse 100 say the program has been a pivotal point in their faith and understanding of evangelism. 

Together events

The largest gathering Nick Hall and Pulse led Together 2016, which took place on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The event included key leaders and artists such as:

Francis Chan

Louie Giglio

Christine Caine etc.

Together 2016 drew hundreds of thousands of people to unite under the name of Jesus and celebrated how Jesus changes everything. 

Nick Hall gave a powerful Gospel message that impacted hundreds of thousands. Nick Hall and the Pulse team encouraged people to continue to witness and live their lives on mission for Jesus even after the event concluded. Nick Hall believed this gathering was the start of many more rallies for Jesus across the globe and knew people were hungry for Jesus, whether they knew it or not.  

Nick Hall shares how he was directly impacted by Explo ‘72, as his dad responded to the Gospel at an event in North Dakota that students were compelled to put on after returning from Explo ‘72. Fifty years after Explo ‘72, where Billy Graham and Bill Bright shared the Gospel with 70,000 young people in the Cotton Bowl Stadium in Dallas,TX, Nick Hall and Pulse put on TOGETHER ‘22 at the same location. 

Through TOGETHER ‘22, the Pulse team trained and commissioned the next generation under the name of Jesus to begin to actively share the Gospel. Through teachings from Nick Hall and other renowned speakers and artists, as well as workshops and hands-on evangelism opportunities, thousands of people responded to the call to evangelize in their spheres of influence.

Nick Hall believes that big events for evangelism matter. Stadiums allow for masses of believers to hear the name of Jesus lifted high. He also believes that events such as Together 2016, Together 2018, and TOGETHER ‘22 are necessary, because they motivate a culture of silent Christianity to get loud about their faith. 

Nick Hall and his team at Pulse want to see evangelism become a lifestyle for Christians everywhere. Nick Hall encourages people to look for opportunities to evangelize, whether that be at the grocery store, at a restaurant, or on the street, because people everywhere need Jesus. People are not going to hear about Jesus if nobody is boldly sharing their faith, a reality Nick Hall frequently speaks about. 

Revival sparks

Nick Hall was deeply moved by the Asbury Revival that happened in February of 2023. He and the Pulse team have prayed for revival on college campuses for decades. The Asbury Revival sparked at Asbury University in Wilmore, KY following a regular chapel service. A small group of students felt led to stay, worship, and pray. This led to dozens, then hundreds, and then thousands of students gathering in the chapel to pray, worship, and repent of sin. News of the event got out via social media, and soon students were arriving from other college campuses around the nation. 

Nick Hall traveled to Kentucky to witness this revival for himself and see how he could serve. Even though he was in the middle of a nationwide campus outreach tour, he stayed for two days, moved by the authenticity and genuine desire for Jesus taking place during the 24/7, volunteer-led worship and prayer event. Nick Hall appeared on Fox News to tell the world about his experience at the Asbury Revival. Nick Hall believed that what was happening at Asbury needed to go back to campuses and communities everywhere. Nick Hall and his team put on a commissioning event in Lexington, KY, two weeks after the revival broke out, to again send students and other guests out with the call to share the Gospel. Over 3,500 people were impacted by the event both in person and online.

Fill the Stadium

Following the Asbury Revival, college campuses were hungry to see the same revival happen on their own campuses. Nick Hall and the Pulse team lead FTS-OU at the University of Oklahoma on April 29, 2023. The event is the largest university outreach event to date. FTS-OU took place at ​​the Gaylord Family - Oklahoma Memorial Stadium in Norman, OK. Nick Hall presented the Gospel to over 51,000 people in person and digitally. The idea for the event started with a student leadership team of young visionaries attending the University of Oklahoma who asked Nick Hall to come and help lead the stadium event. The event featured artists Kari Jobe, Chandler Moore, and Chance the Rapper, along with a Gospel message by Nick Hall. 

What’s next:

Curious what’s next for Nick Hall and Pulse? Nick Hall will speak at TEDxFargo in North Dakota on July 20, 2023 about reaching the next generation with the hope of Jesus.  

Nick Hall will also share the Gospel at Amplify Fest on August 18-19, 2023 in Benton, AR. The mission of Amplify is to unite people under the name of Jesus using contemporary Christian worship as the vehicle for evangelism. 

Support the ministry

Are you interested in supporting the mission of Evangelist Nick Hall and Pulse? If so, give here. Through the efforts of Pulse, thousands of people will hear the Gospel and be trained in evangelism. The mission of Pulse would not be possible without the generosity of those who believe in spreading the Gospel to the masses. 

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