Stephanie Kedra discovers a vibrancy in evangelism through Pulse


“My experience as an intern exceeded my expectations,” said Stephanie Kedra, reflecting on being a Pulse Intern.

Living in St. Paul, Minn., Stephanie spent two years attending Revival Nights through Pulse before applying to become an intern. After finally making the decision to apply, she recognized God had been preparing her during those two years, drawing her closer and readying her for what was next. “I wanted to apply for the internship for a long time,” she said. “And when I finally did, I felt like I was growing more with Christ.”    

The Pulse Internship, which exists to train emerging leaders to live a lifestyle of multiplication and commission them to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, provided helpful mentorship for Stephanie. “I wanted to be around people who would be able to pour into me and help me in my walk,” she said. 

As a social media intern, Stephanie’s experience with Pulse allowed her to grow not only in the technical side of her craft but also in community and in her love for Christ. She looks back on her participation in the Revival Nights as solid preparation for what was ahead in her internship. Through Bible teaching, Scripture memorization, and regular gatherings, Pulse equipped her in ways that amplified her growth.

“I’m still so impacted to this day by the time I spent as an intern,” Stephanie reflected. She noted how instrumental the internship was in pushing her beyond her comfort zone and into vibrant, new ways of spreading the Gospel. “The way Pulse equips you to evangelize is unique and something I believe everyone should come and learn from,” said Stephanie.   

To anyone considering applying for the Pulse Internship, Stephanie gives a raving review. “It is life-changing! Applying for the internship would be the best decision of your life.”

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