Evangelist Nick Hall Leads Events To Reach the Nation and World With The Gospel


Think of a time you left work feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, tired, or depressed. The weight of life dragging you down, leaving you with the ache of hopelessness. 

Imagine that on your way home you try to empty your mind as your eyes scan the road you have driven hundreds of times. You notice a billboard that previously meant nothing to you advertising an event about Jesus, yet now you feel drawn to it. Before your car races past you see that the event is tonight and has just started, so you change your course to its location. 

Entering the event, you note the electric buzz in the air as the crowds sway to the inspiring music. Then a man named Nick Hall walks onto the stage. He tells the crowd about the love of Jesus, how He died and rose again on the third day. He also speaks of the hope and future Jesus gives which is unlike anything else in all the world. 

You feel your heart swell with the hope of the Gospel for the first time —ever.  

Pulse led by Nick Hall has hosted, created, and participated in powerful events since its inception. The explosion of revival that started in 2005 on the campus of NDSU has only multiplied in impact throughout the years and will continue to for the glory of God. These events led by Nick Hall continue to equip young evangelists to reach the next generation with the Gospel of Jesus. 

With every event, the goal that remains steadfast is to spread the name and saving message of Jesus especially among young people. This has resulted in over 330 million people hearing the Gospel and nearly 2 million responding to it!

The Heart of Pulse and Nick Hall Events

Powerful moments of coming to faith are at the heart of Pulse and why it exists. Pulse led by Nick Hall seeks to create events that bring people to the knowledge and hope of Jesus. This organization knows there is something incredibly special about the gathering of people united around a singular purpose. Especially, when the purpose is centered on Jesus.  

The ministry of Pulse exists to bring Jesus to the pulse of a generation throughout America and the entire globe. This dynamic ministry and its events led by Nick Hall began in 2005 on the campus of North Dakota State University

Nick Hall was pursuing his degree in Business Administration when he wrote an English paper entitled “Pulse”. This paper encouraged and equipped Nick Hall’s fellow classmates on how to share the Gospel of Jesus while igniting a passionate fire of revival on the NDSU campus and in the surrounding areas. 

Nick Hall was inspired by Billy Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association which further encouraged the genesis of Pulse. What followed the formation of Pulse was the birth of widespread Pulse events and campaigns, centered on the Gospel. Now Pulse is led by Founder and President Nick Hall who is also on the board of National Association of Evangelicals, the author of the book Reset, the CEO of The Table Coalition, and has received his Master’s degree from Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, MN in Leadership and Christian Thought.

Along with Nick Hall’s incredible leadership accomplishments is his devotion to his beloved wife and family. Nick Hall is also heavily involved in various evangelistic training events, pastoral and student conferences. Nick Hall has also been featured on several major media news outlets such as Fox News and the Trinity Broadcast Network several times since 2018. 

On Fox News, Nick Hall has written several opinion pieces entitled I’ve been to #AsburyRevival. It’s real and spreading. This is what I saw, Nick Hall: Advice to Class of 2021 - how to be yourself, disagree graciously and create community, and Nick Hall: Why Christmas 2020 may be the most important one of your lifetime

Nick Hall is Leading Evangelistic Events All Over the World 

Pulse events led by Nick Hall include the Pulse Campus Tour, Revival Nights, Amplify, Pulse 100, Together ‘22, and FTS-OU

2023 Pulse Campus Tour

The 2023 Pulse Campus tour was aimed at sharing the Gospel, offering a follow-up process, along with featuring various popular Christian artists such as Lecrae, Exiles, KB, and Hulvey. This tour consisted of traveling to 8 different college campuses across the country within the month of February. The purpose of this event was to come alongside the work of local churches and campus ministries to create an evangelistic outreach event. The Pulse Campus Tour offered community members, local pastors, and ministry leaders volunteer opportunities. 

Revival Nights

Another incredible Pulse event led by Nick Hall is Revival Nights! These are monthly gatherings downtown Minneapolis, MN which include a Gospel message, water baptisms, worship, testimonials, communion, and opportunities for digital connections with Pulse. These gatherings are designed to foster community, to worship, and inspire revival in the area. 

Pulse 100

The Pulse 100 young evangelist training  program works to equip 100 young evangelists who are hungry to learn more about how to share the Gospel with those they encounter in an effective way. The Pulse 100 program offers mentorship, evangelistic training, and 4 retreats throughout the United States. 

The first year of this program consisted of 83 leaders and since its genesis has had 283 leaders go through the program! Pulse 100 will commission and equip those who are hungry to share the Gospel on whatever platform God has given them. From the stage to interpersonal connections to TikTok, Pulse 100 will raise up evangelists to share the Gospel with generations to come.  


This summer, Pulse leads Amplify for the second year in a row, which is the largest free Christian music festival in the United States of America. This event is in Benton, Arkansas and features Nick Hall sharing the Gospel! Last year artists like Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns, Rend Collective, Lecrae, Passion, Cade Thompson, and Consumed by Fire were all featured. Over 65,000 attended Amplify in person and digitally. The dates and artists for this year’s Amplify Fest will be released soon! This is a family friendly event that will also offer food and games. 

Make Jesus Known

Another campaign that focuses on equipping young evangelists is the Make Jesus Known Training. This 4-week training series led by Nick Hall teaches believers how to make evangelism a part of their everyday lives. The Make Jesus Known curriculum is hands-on and is specifically designed for young adults to learn how to influence the spheres they occupy for the Gospel. This video series hosts other incredible speakers such as Lemuel Colon, Alex Heltemes, Katie Potter, and Gabrielle Odom. You can get this series through submitting a form to download the videos. 


How You Can Get Connected!

If you would like to learn more about Pulse, Pulse events, or Nick Hall, we would encourage you to further explore the Pulse website! Pulse frequently partners with individuals, worship artists, churches, and ministries, and we would love to hear from you if you are interested in finding out more about partnership opportunities! This information can be found on the website. The site has a plethora of resources for you to check out and will have information on all our events in the future.